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Dr. Tam,
Your Special Educator

For 16 years Dr. Tam was a teacher in elementary, middle, and high school in special education resource, inclusion, and self-contained programs. Advancing her career, she was promoted to the position of district behavior specialist for both general and special education where she managed more than 10 campuses. In those roles, she taught and supported students of all ages with disabilities ranging from minor to significant as listed below.

  • Psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders

  • ADHD (which is classified as other health impairment in the education field)

  • Autism

  • Specific learning disabilities

  • ​Intellectual disabilities

  • Dyslexia

  • Speech / language impairments

She was also responsible for the following:

  • Developing IEPs

  • Facilitating IEP (ARD) meetings

  • Data tracking IEPs, implementing IEPs

  • Advising in 504, MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support), and RTI (Response to Interventions) meetings

  • Coaching and training general education teachers in supporting students with special needs in their classes and behavior management

  • Coaching and training school administrators

  • Leading district-wide crisis prevention and intervention trainings

  • Designing and piloting programs

  • Improving communication data documentation systems

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Some of the most rewarding experiences for Dr. Tam when she was working in the schools were the challenging cases. She always took a firm, no-nonsense, and legal approach when advocating for students and their families. And she has NEVER lost a case. Because of her commitment, many students have:

  • Received educational and mental health services that they would not have otherwise received.

  • Been rescued from challenging situations both in schools and in homes.

  • Been assigned to proper educational programs and classes that had been improperly placed.

  • Avoided being mislabeled with an inaccurate or inappropriate disability.

  • Been dismissed from special education when they qualified.

In Dr. Tam's experience, she has seen and heard more than you could ever imagine in the world of education. This is why she decided to take on this role on the outside of the educational system in order to ignite revolutionary change in the educational system. From the inside, her power was always limited. But on this side, her power is limitless.

What Would You Like Dr. Tam To Do For You?

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Parent Education

New to 504 or special education, not sure what is going on or what to expect, or maybe you have gone through the process and something does not seem right, Dr. Tam will guide you through the process from start to finish, advise you on upcoming meetings, offer resources, and answer your questions.

Work Colleagues

Document Review & Recommendations

Paperwork! Paperwork! Paperwork!


Being in special education comes with a mountain of paperwork written in acronyms, legal language, and psychology terms and data that is difficult to understand. When you cannot understand what you are reading then you also cannot make good and informed decisions or challenge anything regarding your child's education.

Dr. Tam will review any special education and evaluation paperwork provided by the school or outside providers and make recommendations as needed for further testing, class or program placement, goals, accommodations, modifications, and discipline determinations for upcoming MDR meetings (manifestation determination review).

Business Meeting at Small Table

Attend School Meetings

Dr. Tam will accompany you in any IEP (ARD), MDR, and/or other special education meetings. So, why would you want her there? Well, by having her there she becomes your and your child's advocate. Imagine going into a meeting where everyone is opposing you. By having Dr. Tam there you walk into the meeting empowered with her on your side. This helps relieve any intimidations or insecurities you may have going into one of these meetings. As well as she will be able to speak on your behalf (if needed). This gives you the opportunity to listen more thoroughly and think more clearly during the meeting. Before the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Tam will make sure that you have a complete understanding of everything and that everything is as you would like it and in the best interest of your child BEFORE you sign any documents.

Application For Special Education Support

Thanks for your request! We will get back to you within 24 business hours.

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