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4 free monthly mini-retreats that will take you on a journey beyond the surface of your mind, and immerse you into the profound depths of your MYND to become a master of self

Forest Lane Academy Library
9663 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75243

  • Start Date: Thursday, February 1, 2024

  • Time: 4:30PM - 6:00PM (CST)

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Presented by Dr. Tam
CEO & Founder
@ AlphaMYND Intelligence

Known as The MYND Psychologist, Dr.Tam has been studying and working with the brain, mind, MYND, and behavior for 16 years. She works from a unique perspective as she has chosen NOT to practice traditional therapy and counseling. Instead, she practices alternative psychology that interconnects the power of the brain's mind, the hidden intelligence with the MYND, and holistic wellness to enhance people's self-awareness, teach them self-MYND control, and bring them to an alpha state of wellness, Alpha Wellness.


  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • M.S. in Educational Psychology

  • M.S. in Human Behavior / Counseling

  • B.S. in Business / International Studies



  • Psychologist

  • Life Coach / Mentor

  • Behavior Specialist

  • Special Education Teacher

In these mini-retreats, you will explore the depths of your subconscious MYND through...

Culturally relevant, delicate, and diverse

  • Round table discussions

  • MYND control training techniques

  • MYNDfulness practice

  • Interactive Q&A sessions


that will cultivate mental clarity, emotional resilience, and personal fulfillment.

Added bonuses include...

  • Dinner

  • Retreat materials

  • Private coaching and mentorship app

  • Special gift drawings

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This reservation is for 4 monthly mini-retreats. You may only complete one form per person attending. To reserve a spot for someone else, refresh this page AFTER submitting one reservation and then complete the form again for each additional person.

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